0.7X-5X Zoom Inspection Microscope w/ LED Ring Light on Articulating Arm + 9.7″ Touchscreen Imaging System

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0.7X-5X Zoom Inspection Microscope w/ LED Ring Light on Articulating Arm + 9.7″ Touchscreen Imaging System


The H800 is designed specifically for photomicrography, providing 0.7X-5X zoom magnification and a C-mount interface for most professional microscope cameras. While stereo microscopes are the preferred choice for low-magnification work like micro-soldering and dissection, the stereo lens design is not optimal for producing accurate photos or videos due to off-axis, angular distortion and keystoning. This single-lens microscope provides the same magnification range, but without the distortion.

The 0.7X-5X zoom objective lens produces exceptionally sharp images throughout the entire range. The C-mount camera interface is height-adjustable, allowing precise parfocal adjustments to keep the lens in focus throughout the zoom range. The microscope has an integrated 0.4X reduction element optimized for cameras using 1/2″ format sensors, providing more field-of-view.

An optional adapter is available (AD-C23) to convert the C-mount interface into a 30mm or 23mm tube which can be used with eyepieces or camera reduction lenses. If you choose to use this microscope with an eyepiece or one of our 23mm DSLR adapters, this optional adapter is exactly what you would need.

The articulating support system can be used to quickly change the height and position of the microscope over a large area. The support system uses a heavy-duty clamp which should be mounted to a sturdy work surface up to 2″ thick. The spring-tensioned arm sections can be individually locked to set a working height, while pivoting joints move freely to allow the microscope to be swung into place when needed. This kind of flexibility is ideal for inspecting large materials and artwork, or to view multiple specimens.

This model includes a 96-LED ring-light to provide bright, even lighting. Mounted on the microscope, the light follows the lens so the subject is always illuminated. The light intensity is controlled by a wired, remote power module which keeps control at your fingertips.

This package includes an all-in-one imaging system which combines the technologies of a 5MP microscope camera with an Android tablet to provide a feature-rich experience like no other. The high-resolution 9.7” screen brings your microscopic subjects to life in vivid color, with 90° tilt and 360° swivel to set the screen to a comfortable angle while standing or sitting. Touchscreen navigation allows you to capture photos and videos with ease using the built-in software, as well as performing measurement functions. With all of the functionality you would expect from a cutting-edge tablet, the possibilities are endless.

For added flexibility, the tablet is equipped with a micro-HDMI output to expand your display to a larger format when needed, such as a television or monitor. When it comes to file storage, you will be spoiled for choices: you can use the internal storage, save to a microSD card or USB device, or transfer files over you wi-fi network. Wi-fi connectivity not only offers networking possibilities for sharing images, but for performing online tasks while you work.


Optical System Finite-conjugate
Objctive Magnification 0.7X-5X continuous zoom
Objctive Numerical Aperture 0.02-0.07
Objective Resolution 63 lp/mm @ 0.7X180 lp/mm @ 5X
Optical Corrections Semi-Apochromatic
Camera Mount C-Mount (25.4mm)
Integrated Reduction 0.4X
Working Distance 105mm
Lens Mounting Diameter 50mm
Stand Type ASC 40″ articulating arm with table clamp
Focusing-block Focus Range 50mm
Illuminator Type 96-LED ring light with wired remote
Power Output 4.5W
Brightness 15000lux @ 100mm
Color Temperature 6400K
Power Requirements 110-240V, 50-60HZ, auto-switching wide-band

Tablet Specifications

OS Android 4.1.1
CPU 1.8GHz
Memory 2GB (DDR3)
Internal Storage 2GB
External Storage MicroSD (TF) 32GB max, USB
Screen Size (diagonal) 9.7″
Display Resolution 2048 x 1536
Display Mount 360° rotation, 90° tilt
Sensor Type CMOS
Active Pixels 5M (2592 x 1944)
Shutter electronic rolling shutter
Photo Capture Resolution 2592 x 19442048 x 15361600 x 1200
Video Capture Resolution and Maximum Framerate 15fps @ 2048×1536
Connectivity Micro HDMIUSB 2.0Wi-Fi
Lens-mount C-mount
Power 110-220VAC

Packing List:

  • One monocular zoom microscope
  • One articulating arm
  • One clamp
  • One focusing block
  • One sizing adapter
  • One 96-LED ring-light
  • One power control unit for ring-light
  • One power cord
  • One tablet with integrated camera
  • One AC adapter (US and Canada standard)
  • One 0.5X C-mount reduction lens
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    0.7X-5X Zoom Inspection Microscope w/ LED Ring Light on Articulating Arm + 9.7" Touchscreen Imaging System

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